Does Cheating Warrant a Woman to Bludgeon Her Husband to Death?

(Telegraph) Wife of murdered husband told police ‘If I can’t have him, no one can’, jury is told

A jealous wife who suspected her estranged husband of infidelity bludgeoned him to death as he ate lunch, before telling police: “If I can’t have him, no one can“, a court heard yesterday.

Georgina Challen, 57, allegedly set about retired businessman Richard with a hammer after becoming convinced his bid to rescue their 31-year marriage was simply a “ruse” to get access to her money.

Guildford Crown Court heard how the wealthy, separated couple had met up at their former marital home in Ruxley Ridge, Claygate near Esher, Surrey, to prepare for a make or break trip to Australia.

But after becoming suspicious that her husband was seeing another woman, Challen, a mother-of-two, allegedly sneaked up behind the 61-year-old former car dealer and unleashed a frenzied hammer attack on him.

After wrapping his bloodied body in a pair of curtains, she left a note on his body that read, ‘I love you, Sally’, the court heard.

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