Do Female Penguins Judge Potential Fathers by their Voice?

Wonder if this also applies to humans...

(infoZine) Female Penguins Judge Males by Girth and Voice

The mating calls of male penguins speak volumes about their ability to be quality fathers.

Penguins know a sexy voice when they hear one. What might sound like squawks and squeals to our human ears are melodious clues about the quality of fatherhood to a female penguin. Those courtship calls are key to mate selection, says a study in the journal Behaviour.

Antarctic penguins come on land for just a few short months each summer to breed and raise their chicks. Raising a family in the coldest place on earth is no small feat. Adelie penguins pull it off by tag-team parenting, the researchers explained. Males and females take turns incubating the eggs and guarding the chicks while their mate forages for food.

Males arrive first to claim a territory and build a nest. When the females arrive, the males serenade prospective mates by throwing their heads back, pointing their beaks to the sky, and emitting a series of hoarse trills and squawks.

“They’re not musical calls — they sound like a cross between a donkey and a stalled car,” said author Emma Marks of the University of Auckland. Penguin calls may not be music to our ears, but to penguin females they hold clues to a male’s paternal potential, Marks and colleagues report.

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