Did This Man Father 60 Children?

(Metro) Man fathers 60 children without his wife knowing


A British man fathered 60 children without his wife realising, it has emerged. 

Details of his case were revealed on a new BBC documentary called Sex Map of Britain: Desperately Seeking Semen.

The anonymous man admitted to fathering the 60 children behind his wife’s back.

Speaking on the BBC Three documentary, he said: ‘Currently I have 59 donor babies, seven on the way, my wife doesn’t know anything about it.

‘To find out your husband has not got six children anymore, he’s got way over 60, it would be disastrous really.

‘It’s just a secret I have to take to the grave.’

The documentary highlights the desperate need for sperm donors in the UK and shows how unregulated donors are reportedly offering their services for as little as £30.

This is reportedly a fraction of the price of regulated sperm banks and IVF treatment, which can cost thousands of pounds.

Donors often travel the country fathering hundreds of children after advertising on websites such as Facebook.

Some admit that they see it as a chance to have unprotected sex, describing it as a ‘perk’ if a sperm donation is exchanged though the ‘NI [natural insemination] route’.

In the video, a donor called George says he ‘likes the idea of leaving my legacy in the world.’

While another donor highlighted how sperm could be passed on in the most unlikely places, for example McDonald’s and public toilets.

The donor said: ‘Sometimes it’s somebody’s home, sometimes it’s a hotel. Sometimes it’s a railway station, a pub toilet has been used, McDonald’s, Costa Coffee…’

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