Can a Migraine Give You a French Accent?

Kay Russel says she doesn't recognise herself anymore.

(Guardian) Woman’s migraine gave her French accent

Kay Russell, from Gloucestershire, says foreign accent syndrome shattered her confidence and she had to stop working.

A woman who went for a lie down while suffering a chronic migraine woke to find that she appeared to be speaking in a French accent.

Kay Russell, 49, from Gloucestershire, said today she felt she had lost a part of herself after being diagnosed with foreign accent syndrome (FAS), an extremely rare condition that can be a side effect of severe brain injury.

Russell said friends she had known for years did not recognise her on the telephone and she had trouble convincing strangers that she was British. The former sales executive, who used to have an unmistakably English accent and has only been to France twice, said her confidence was shattered and she had to give up her job.

Watch how her accent has changed here:

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