Can a Kiss Kill You?

Doesn't seem so cheesy anymore?

(Telegraph) Teenage girl collapses and dies after first kiss

A teenager girl collapsed and died from sudden adult death syndrome (SADS) minutes after she was kissed for the first time, an inquest has heard.

Jemma Benjamin, 18, was kissed by fellow university student Daniel Ross, 21, at his home after a night out together. But Miss Benjamin suddenly slumped onto the sofa – and died in front of Mr Ross’s eyes.

The inquest heard Jemma died from SADS, a rare heart condition which kills 500 people in Britain each year. Mr Ross, who had known Miss Benjamin for three months, tried desperately to save her before paramedics arrived on the scene. But the inquest heard nothing could have be done for Miss Benjamin, who was described as a “picture of health”.

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