Are Skinny Jeans Causing Bulimia?

(Telegraph) Boys as young as 10 turning to bulimia

Boys as young as 10 are turning to bulimia to lose weight, according to new studies that show the eating disorder is now more common among preteen boys than girls.

Doctors said an increasing number of young boys are making themselves sick after eating to avoid being bullied about their weight, despite the condition traditionally being associated with girls.

Some are even developing the disorder – which can be fatal – because they want to be able to fit into fashionable “skinny” jeans, while others are using laxatives to get a similar effect.

There are 5,000 reported cases of boys aged below 16 in Britain suffering from eating disorders according to NHS figures, but the real figure is thought to be significantly higher because many cases are likely to be undocumented.

A separate study of 16,000 children in Taiwan, published in Britain in the Journal of Clinical Nursing, found that sixteen per cent of boys aged 10 to 12 admitted inducing vomiting to lose weight after being bullied, compared with just ten per cent of girls.

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